Shining the Spotlight on a Business-forward Community

Celebrating the Country's Largest Business Park

Located adjacent to O’Hare International Airport and the City of Chicago, Elk Grove is an integral component of the Chicago Metropolitan Region’s economy. Elk Grove boasts the largest consolidated business park in the United States with over sixty-two million square feet of industrial inventory. Elk Grove’s business community is diverse, with major employers representing a broad range of industries including: technology, manufacturing, retail, health care, warehousing, and logistics.


Despite being home to the largest business park in the United States, Elk Grove Village struggled with a low-business occupancy rate due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in Illinois. With ultra-business friendly benefits, such as a variety of city services and incentives that support the growth and success of resident businesses, the Village desired to be the employer's choice business hub in the Chicagoland area.

Shining the Spotlight on a Business-forward Community


Red Caffeine had worked with Elk Grove Village since 2012 to develop a memorable and relevant brand, summed up in the tagline “Beyond Business Friendly.” By 2015, we had established a foundation to take the next steps to put the municipality on the map for its hospitality to businesses. The Makers Wanted campaign moved the marketing strategy from brand awareness to lead generation, framing manufacturing and other similar industries in a modern, savvy and unexpected way. The campaign included an award-winning microsite, broadcast media, radio, print advertising, and online PPC ads that attracted businesses looking to relocate. The microsite MakersWanted.org, has an easy-to-use interface that made it simple for businesses to investigate available sites, understand business incentives, and access information on relocation and expansion.

Shining the Spotlight on a Business-forward Community


The Makers Wanted messaging resonated. During the first sixth months, the campaign received over 50,000,000 impressions across broadcast media, radio, print advertising, billboards and online PPC ads. Since partnering with Red Caffeine, Elk Grove’s business vacancy rates have dramatically reduced. In 2012, the industrial vacancy rates hovered around 10 percent; the rate at the end of the third quarter in 2017 was at 3.17 %, a historic low. We continue to collaborate with, and be a strategic and creative partner of Elk Grove Village, supporting its mission to be the most business-friendly city in the United States.