Redefining Work Culture with a Mission, Vision, & Values

A Fresh Approach To Seal Production With A Focus On Growth

Ergoseal designs and manufactures custom and off-the-shelf seals primarily for OEMs with an unyielding dedication to world-class engineering and cost-conscious solutions. They represent a fresh, honest approach to sealing technology and production.


Ergoseal has been working with Red Caffeine for several years. In 2015, Ergoseal acquired two big companies that led to rapid growth. To help them prepare for big changes, we partnered with them to do market research as well as to design and develop a new website to showcase their wide range of seal products. They soon realized it wasn’t enough and needed to focus on the business instead of in their business. A few years later, Ergoseal came to us to help their team get aligned before moving forward with a more robust marketing and sales strategy.

Redefining Work Culture with a Mission, Vision, & Values


Ergoseal’s President, Tom Hilaris, brought his leadership team in for a Mission / Vision / Values workshop. During this workshop, we had an open and honest conversation, and it all started with the ultimate question: “Where do you see the business in 5 years?” The workshop consisted of a few sessions and by the time it was complete, the client felt inspired to work with his entire team internally to develop and define a Mission and Vision statement along with company Core Values. Once the statements were defined, we helped Ergoseal design office signage that showcased the Founder’s Story and the company’s Core Values.

Redefining Work Culture with a Mission, Vision, & Values


After working with Ergoseal to help them find direction in defining the company’s mission and vision for the future, the client felt more motivated and prepared to take their business to the next level. Having company Core Values that the entire team can feel good about helped Ergoseal communicate its purpose. The office signage makes the statements more tangible and keeps the value statements on the top of employees’ minds. Once the team defined its purpose, the next step for Ergoseal was to work on aligning their marketing and sales to prepare for further growth. Ergoseal’s story exemplifies the importance of empowering your team first to prepare for a successful future.