Impress the Investor

Igniting An Agricultural Revolution

PowerPollen℠ is ready to ignite the next agricultural revolution and change hybrid seed production for the first time in 100 years. The advanced yield enhancement technology enables higher productivity in seed production, improves crop yield and genetic purity, cuts down on resources, and reduces seed production costs by 20%. This technology will change the agriculture industry and the world… and we're going to help them do it!


10 weeks out from their series B investor pitch, PowerPollen℠ realized they lacked the professional look and intentional strategy to take their new technology to market and break into the investor space. PowerPollen℠ was willing and ready to tackle the marketing and branding beast to “wow” their prospective investors and get their technology on seed-company land. Red Caffeine had a short timeframe to make it happen.

Impress the Investor


Red Caffeine partnered with PowerPollen℠, excited to stretch our creative muscles and meet their aggressive timeline. We started with some heavy market research. By taking a deep dive into the agriculture marketplace and seed industry, we were able to analyze the differing competitor market positions to determine PowerPollen℠’s unique and strategic point-of-entry. They entered the market as “the inventor” (aka “the creator”) because of their product’s ability to simplify and advance control over the pollination of crops. We used this archetype to strategically build out their brand and solidify their presence in the industry. The brand building consisted of a strategic positioning, logo development, brand story creation, a website, a one-page sell sheet, and a professionally designed pitch deck.

Impress the Investor


PowerPollen℠’s strategic foundation enabled them to quickly establish brand credibility, generate awareness in the agriculture industry, and even gain marketplace traction. The PowerPollen℠ technology is becoming a household name on seed-company land for research and development purposes. Within four months of their first investor pitch, PowerPollen℠ locked in five national seed partnerships, and they are close to securing their second global partner. Know any big-time corn farmers? Make sure they’re in the know about this advanced tech, because it’s going to be huge.