Custom Software Tracks and Automates Lead Distribution

Custom Software Tracks and Automates Lead Distribution

Dealer-Rotator Management Tool Connects Dealers and Consumers With a Fast and Automated Process

Mitsubishi Electric has been manufacturing advanced climate control systems for over 30 years. Their systems enhance customers’ homes and lives by providing personalized comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental stability.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating wanted to offer their consumers a simple, intuitive way to connect with local dealers. Their exisiting tracking and communication process was tedious and manual, from the moment consumers showed interest in a product to when they were recommended to dealers. The manual process had flaws. The consumer leads were not being evenly distributed to participating dealers, if distributed at all. Struggling with the manualization and unequal distribution process, Mitsubishi was looking for a platform that would provide an effective, fair, and easy way to do business.  

Custom Software Tracks and Automates Lead Distribution


To help Mitsubishi provide better service to both their dealers and consumers, we built an in-house dealer-relationship management tool. The tool grouped Mitsubishi dealers into geographic service areas by zip code. Once consumers entered their zip code, they were paired with one local point of contact. The tool was designed to fairly distribute consumer leads to dealers within each area. It sent automated messages to dealers to inform them whenever they received new leads, and it also notified consumers when they had been matched with a local dealer.

Custom Software Tracks and Automates Lead Distribution


The Dealer-Relationship Management Tool was a win-win for dealers and Mitsubishi. The new technology enabled them to distribute dealer leads in a fair and proportional way within any service area. Plus, Mitsubishi now had a way to easily pull reports and track the leads they delivered to their business partners. The tool replaced their previous, manual (sometimes untrackable) process and supports Mitsubishi and their dealer partners with true data.

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