Baird & Warner

Custom White Label Marketing Portal Helps Realtors Sell

Building a Branded Web-to-Print Marketing Platform

Family-Owned Powerhouse in Chicagoland Real Estate

Baird & Warner has been the dominant force in Chicagoland real estate for more than 160 years. Over five generations of family ownership, they have built a record of success and longevity unparalleled in the industry. They know what helps realtors sell and prioritize supporting their network of buyers and sellers.


Baird & Warner takes their brand seriously and wanted to make sure their agents do too. To keep their marketing efforts brand-consistent throughout the company, they wanted to provide their associates with high-quality, standardized, yet customizable communications content, like open-house flyers, business cards, B&W stationary, and email templates. They not only needed more of this customizable content, but they needed a way to action it across the entire team.

Building a Branded Web-to-Print Marketing Platform


Red Caffeine was brought on to transform their former platform and improve quality, turn-around, and efficiency of their marketing process. We collaborated with Baird & Warner and eDoc Communications to understand the user requirements for each stakeholder that would interface with the application. After ideas were shared, our design and development teams got creative. Building a Brand Management and Marketing Automation Platform with custom integrations with MLS, media, list services, and printer enabled them to automate the entire marketing process.

Building a Branded Web-to-Print Marketing Platform


By working as a digital consultant, we developed a best-fit web application that continues to provide support to Baird & Warner by increasing efficiency and ensuring brand consistency. Our Intelligent Template Upload™ gives their marketing team the ability to instantly upload new templates without the need for a developer to customize fields, drastically reducing bottlenecks experienced with their previous technology. The platform allows agents to log into the system, choose and personalize their listing materials, and receive printed materials next-day. Baird & Warner can now connect with their agents and offer them customizable, high-quality marketing content that aligns with their branding efforts and growth goals.