Automation to Gain Knowledge & Promote Growth

Automation for the Small but Mighty

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Bales and Red Caffeine have partnered since 2014. At the beginning of our relationship, we focused on strategy and rebranding, and then transitioned into lead generation. While our campaigns were generating leads, we realized assessing the campaigns’ quality and success was difficult because we had not jointly defined a sales process that aligned with our marketing strategies.

Bales had a small sales team dedicated to client acquisition and customer service, and they needed support establishing consistent follow-ups for new clients, retention outreach for existing clients, and standard ways of collecting invaluable sales data.

Automation to Gain Knowledge & Promote Growth


Improved sales enablement was key to optimizing ROI on lead generation. We collaborated with Bales to understand their sales process in depth, and to identify opportunities to better support their team’s efforts. Once we understood their pain points, we discovered that automating key sales follow-ups was key to maximizing their time and providing valuable customer feedback. We put in place automated marketing systems that allowed Bales to collect data in real time and tools that batched follow-ups to prospective leads, as opposed to following-up on each email manually.

Automation to Gain Knowledge & Promote Growth


For the first time, the Bales team had data on the value of consistent follow-up with leads, giving them greater insights into their operations. Email automation provided consistent, measurable follow-ups in a fraction of the time spent following-up manually. Average open rates of automated emails were 60% and the average click-through rate was 46%. In the six month period after we began our sales enablement work, 200+ customers provided status updates on jobs that had been quoted, helping Bales plan for production and prioritize follow-ups.

This provided an overall foundation for more robust marketing tactics, like content marketing, SEO work and PR. The sales enablement strategy set up Bales for even greater success moving forward.