Our brand consulting services attach meaning and intention to the products and services that make up your organization. Any element affiliated with your brand should be designed with purpose. The result is a clearer understanding of how your brand works, framework for adding new products or services as a result of future growth, and focus for your sales team.


Your brand architecture is a top-down view of your product and service offering. Often, we find that your customers and many of your team members are not aware of the breadth of your offering. Creating a logical and concise architecture of your products and/or services allows for a clearer understanding of your organization. Changes to your brand architecture could include grouping or categorization of like-services, eliminating unused offering, and renaming or redefining a service to better support how you go to market today.


Products or services often feel abstract. Through branding, you can earn recognition and ultimately grow the perceived value of the product or service. But, you can’t just slap a name on a product and call it a day. When naming a brand or product, we consider the architecture of the organization as a whole, the audience and their personal interests, and the key benefits of the product or service. The more meaningful the story behind the name is, the easier it is for your team to sell and for your customers to remember.