You’ve done the research, built the brand, and now it’s time to share it with the world. You could be launching an entirely new brand for the organization, or it could be a brand launch for a new service, product, or offering. Regardless, there are two primary brand launch audiences. The first is your internal team. As much as they’re the guinea pigs, they’re also the ones living the values, selling the differentiators, and making your business money. If they don’t buy in, why would your customer? Next, you need to launch your new or reinvigorated brand to the market.


Nothing pains us more than when businesses rebrand but tell no one in the organization. Without your people, there is no company. Your employees are the most important brand advocates for your business. In your internal brand launch we roll out the new messaging so everyone is telling the same story, and we do exercises to get them ready to sell. It’s a celebratory, educational, and motivational day for your team and for us.


We like to make a big deal about your brand launch to your clients, prospects, and friends. Why? Because we’re excited to unveil your new brand, we want people to be talking about you, and we’re eager to start making sales. Depending on your audience and offering, your external brand launch could include an email, a launch party, or perhaps a traveling roadshow. And, your brand launch doesn’t have to end after the first hoorah. We’ve found launching a brand is a great soft sales touch or a reason to re-engage with a prospect or lost business.