Ryan Gartman

Ryan Gartman

PR & Communications Manager

Ryan joined the RC team in November 2017 as our resident PR guy. His experience stems from working at some of Chicago’s top PR firms where he led efforts to increase brand awareness and reputation across industries like construction and building materials, automotive, alcohol and spirits, luxury brands, pet care and manufacturing just to name a few.


Since he came on board, he has helped expand RC’s capabilities as the Public Relations and Communications Manager. Ryan thinks he is the RC version of a Swiss Army Knife employee. If there’s a need, it’s likely that he is equipped and ready to handle the job. With his traditional PR know-how and excellent modern day thinking, Ryan can get you in the news (for all the right reasons), plan and execute your special event, train your employees for media and social media exposure and much, much more.


Ryan is a Chicago suburbanite through and through with a love for shorts and hoodie weather. He also has an unhealthy obsession with Portillo’s hot dogs and an appreciation for Mother Nature. He can be found advocating for pitbull rescues and cheering for the Pittsburgh Steelers during football season. He loves working on his daily training regimen to become the world’s best dad for his daughter, and he despises the unneeded use of the Oxford comma.

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