Rebekah Stair

Rebekah Stair

Senior Graphic Designer

Rebekah Stair grew up in Wheaton, Illinois and attended the Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg. There, she began building her skill set and received her Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. Rebekah has gained experience over the last 6 years as a graphic designer, dedicating her time and commitment to creating clean, dynamic design.


Rebekah believes that good design begins by focusing on the details. Developing strategies to enhance a brand’s impact is one of her biggest passions. Pursuing this passion brought Rebekah to Red Caffeine in March of 2020, where she now works as a Senior Graphic Designer.


In her free time, Rebekah loves meeting people, taking on ambitious challenges, and experiencing something new. She likes to spend her time visiting museums, finding new places to explore, and eating at interesting restaurants she has not yet tried. Rebekah always says, “If you are looking to find me, just assume I will be in the last place you expect!”

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