Josh Fuentes

Josh Fuentes aka Mr Lose His Wallet

Front End Developer

Joining us as an intern in 2015, Josh has since moved up to a Jr. Developer. He’s responsible for creating and updating client websites and designing badass content for email marketing. He enjoys being creative when developing websites and using the magic powers of Foundation and Sass to code.


Josh stepped away from the espresso machine and traded in his black apron from Starbucks to become a part of the RC team. He chose to stop making frappuccinos so he could take the right steps and start his career as a developer. Over time, he’s learned new coding languages, how the wonderful world of email development works, and more efficient ways to develop websites.


The main clip in Josh’s RC highlight reel was getting Valdes handed down from Chaz and continuing to build the website from start to finish. When he isn’t nose-deep in coding, he enjoys working out, trying new recipes, playing video games, dreaming about getting paid to eat, and wondering what Guy Fieri is up to. A question he’s always pondering is, “If a vampire bites a zombie, does the zombie turn into a vampire or does the vampire turn into a zombie?”


His favorite quote: “Josh is one spicy jalapeno.” - Someone he made up


Post Written by Josh Fuentes