Conor Caplice

Conor Caplice

Content Manager

Conor joined the RC team in 2019 as a content manager and tech guru. He graduated magna cum laude from Benedictine University with a B.A. in English, Language & Literature. Soon after he made the trek to upstate New York where he earned his M.A. from the University of Rochester and wrote his dissertation on the interplays between language and technology.

A lifelong electronics tinkerer and passionate writer, Conor has over a decade of experience crafting both code and content for digital platforms. Capable of crafting both script and JavaScript, he has an insightful perspective on both technical and non-technical SEO processes that he is able to leverage on his clients’ behalf. 

A Chicago native, Conor enjoys most everything about his native city save for the lack of adequately long fall and spring seasons. In his free time, Conor likes to create unique tech projects and has built everything from a video arcade cabinet and a touch screen coffee table to a bluetooth enabled winter glove. He is, of course, also a voracious reader with a love for both both fiction and non-fiction alike and firmly believes that books should never need batteries or require charging.

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