Chaz Klein

Chaz Klein

Tech Lead & Developer

In 2015, Red Caffeine reeled in a Tech Lead & Sr. Developer who goes by the name of Chaz. Don’t let the title fool you though; Chaz’s original roots are in UX/UI design, so when he came on board, he was responsible for not only developing websites but also designing them. In the last 3 years, Chaz has transformed and molded the RC process for designing and developing websites by combining his passion for clean, interactive, and engaging designs with RC’s own Flava. While doing that, Chaz has made quite a few award-winning websites and has solved complex client requests time and time again.


Believe it or not, it was inevitable that Chaz would come work for RC at some point in his life due to the fact that Jimmy has been his lifelong best friend. Prior to RC, Chaz worked for various agencies downtown, including one of the largest agencies the city has to offer. Eventually, Chaz was tired of the commute to and from work and wanted to put down roots with a company he could see a future with. RC was that place, and Jimmy was pretty damn happy. His two favorite things about his job are being able to turn clients’ visions into reality and present websites for the first time, because he gets to witness the excitement they bring to clients.


Outside the 4 walls of the Psycho Ward (yes, that’s the name of the Tech team’s office), Chaz enjoys the simple things in life. His perfect day can range from hanging out on a pontoon boat enjoying good company and good beer to wanting to do something crazy and spontaneous. Beyond that, you can find Chaz sharpening his ping-pong skills, playing frisbee golf, hunting, at your nearest brewery, or watching animated movies with his wife on Friday nights. In another life, Chaz would have been a bladesmith and wishes he could live during the time of the Gladiators.

Post Written by Chaz Klein