Michael Bevilacqua

Michael Bevilacqua

Graphic Designer

In 2016, Michael took a magical train to Lombard and was later offered a position as a Graphic Designer at RC. He has a knack for all things visual and motion design-related. His role has expanded his knowledge beyond motion design into the exhilarating world of print and web. With this new-found knowledge, he has designed incredibly interesting design pieces like one-pagers, digital ads and podcast graphics, which have all wow-ed the RC family and, most importantly, clients. Michael takes pride in designing detailed icons that help clients explain their processes and capabilities to their customers. He never stops at a chance to delight and amaze the crowd.


In the office, Michael is known for his sarcastic tone and one-word answers. When he leaves the office, he has been known to aimlessly run around town for miles upon miles solely for the thrill of fresh air and the music in his headphones (well, technically, the music is on his phone - nevermind). He is also known to play video games in hopes of reaching the high score or the fastest lap in Mario Kart.


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