Danny Wyse

Danny Wyse

Graphic Designer

Danny joined the RC team in 2015 as a Graphic Designer, and since then he has taken on tasks beyond designing. He focuses his efforts on developing strategic foundations for brands to build and thrive upon through messaging and visuals. Involved in the entire process, he works in tandem with the Content Writers and Strategists to create successful brands and campaigns. Danny stands by the idea that everyone in the office needs to be on the same page, starting from a strategic idea and leading up to messaging and visual representation. Since starting at Red Caffeine, he has built several brands and looks to accomplish much more.


Prior to switching over to the Red side, Danny began his career as a Creative Services Intern for the Chicago Blackhawks®. He worked side-by-side with the Lead Designer and co-designers to work on initiatives like brand development for the 2014-15 campaign and post-season, the layout of the monthly issue of the Blackhawks Magazine, and developing logos for various programs. His experience working for the Chicago Blackhawks® was capped off with a fantastic Stanley Cup® victory in June of 2015.


When Danny isn’t designing, he is adding to his vinyl collection, watching his favorite sports teams, or playing softball and hockey. He also spends his time exploring the Chicagoland area with friends.

Post Written by Danny Wyse

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