Clarissa Johnstone

Clarissa Johnstone

Art Director

Over 15 years ago, Clarissa started her career as a Jr. Graphic Designer. She’s worked her way up to leading the design team as our Art Director. Her work has received over 40 awards, including Davey Awards, GDUSA Awards, Communicator Awards and more.


Clarissa’s design philosophy is to evoke response through exceptional imagery and clean, innovative layouts. Her art direction is driven by her client’s goals and the user’s experience, and while she believes in keeping up with trends, she prefers to start her own. She loves working on all types of design projects, whether it’s a logo, interactive app or a full trade show experience. Above all, her number one design belief is to edit, edit, and edit some more to create the cleanest, most simple visual that conveys meaning in just a few seconds.


Outside of work, Clarissa’s favorite thing to do is fly by the seat of her pants. She’s up for anything new and simply loves waking up and finding a new adventure, whether it’s checking out a new band, signing up for a local figure drawing class or working on her next tattoo. She is a total foodie and a craft beer aficionado. She loves visiting new breweries and restaurants to give her taste buds something new to try.


Post Written by Clarissa Johnstone

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