MakingChips #MarketingForMakers Series Continues

Demystifing the Website Planning Process on MakingChips Podcast

MakingChips podcast launched the latest episode in the #MarketingForMakers series at the end of June, featuring Red Caffeine’s very own Vice President, Julie Poulos and Lead Developer, Chaz Klein. We’re partnering with MakingChips to equip manufacturers with relevant marketing and technology tips, tactics, and tools.

In our Website Planning episode, Chaz and Julie simplify the website planning phase with questions you should ask yourself before investing in a new site. Whether building it yourself or hiring it out, you must have a plan and set clear goals before the first line of code is written. Red Caffeine gives our clients homework before talking website aesthetics and functionality. Check out our Website Planning Template and Website Planning blog post for more information on our approach to the web planning phase.

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